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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 10, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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in our arms and hugging them and being with them and getting them home where they'll be safe again. >> joshua hakken had originally lost custody of his sons because of a drug charge. before this he tried to kidnap them from a foster home at gunpoint. we're getting a better look this morning at the student accused of going on a stabbing spree at lone star community college in texas. investigators say dylan quick went from building to building randomly swiping at people with a box cutter-style knife until a group of students tackled him to the ground. at least 14 people were hurt, 2 of them critically, and the entire campus was in a panic. >> walking and i saw the guy and he pulled out his hands right when he was next to me, and the moment i saw his hand coming at me, i tried to pull back and i just got the scar right here. >> did he have a knife? >> he had like a buzz sword or
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something. >> he had been planning the attack for some time and fantasized for years about killing people, he said. now to the standoff with north korea, expectations right now are that it could launch a missile at an undeclared target at pretty much any moment and has south korea moving to war status and devin dwyer has the latest. >> reporter: western tourists this morning are still streaming into north korea. these passengers brushed off talk of imminent nuclear war. >> no, no sense at all. >> reporter: on the streets of pyongyang they'll see little signs of panic, though on tv, an ominous new warning for foreigners in south korea to get out now. in seoul, it was business as usual while in washington, officials dismissed the threat as a scare tactic. >> it is unhelpful. it is concerning. it is provocative. >> reporter: the new bluster comes as u.s. officials say a north korean missile is fueled and ready to be fired at any time. its target is unknown. the south korean government now
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on high alert at watch con 2, the threat level just short of war. >> somebody is going to have to blink, and it's not going to be the united states, and it's not going to be south korea and so far kim jong-un has made it clear that it's not going to be him. >> reporter: top pentagon officials say they're ready, confident the u.s. can shoot down a rogue missile. >> would you recommend such action? >> if a missile was in the defense of the homeland, i would certainly recommend that action, and if it was defense of our allies, i would recommend that action. >> reporter: now, military officials say uncertainty about north korea's intentions remains their biggest concern. they say kim jong-un is more unpredictable than his father and grandfather, john. >> all right, devin dwyer in washington, thank you. some movement to report in the fight over gun control. a bipartisan senate deal is expected to be announced today. it would expand federal background checks to gun sales made online and at gun shows.
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that follows a round of personal lobbying from victims of the connecticut school massacre and also senators will vote tomorrow on whether to normally open a floor debate on the gun control issue. president obama unveiled his 2014 federal budget today. the white house says if enacted, it would reduce the deficit by nearly $2 trillion over the next 10 years. the most controversial part of the spending plan is likely its proposed cuts to both social security and medicare. the most powerful republican in the senate is refusing to explain a secret audiotape from his campaign war room that took aim at actress ashley judd. the tape from one of mitch mcconnell's strategy meetings was obtained from "mother jones" magazine. on it mcconnell can be heard plotting to use her past bouts with depression against her when she was considering runs against him. >> this is the whac-a-mole period of the campaign. when anybody sticks their head up, do them out. she's emotionally unbamed and she's suffered suicidal tendencies. >> mcconnell complained the bugging of his office was a
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nixonian move and they're investigating on his request. one last political note, the blue angels are now a casualty of the federal budget cuts known as the sequester. the navy's popular aerial acrobatic team announced yesterday that the rest of its season has been canceled due to budget constraints. it's the first time since the korean war that the team won't perform at a series of air shows through the rest of the year. a big chunk of the country bracing for another day of rough weather after getting slammed with snow, ice and some ferocious winds. a blinding blizzard dumping more than a foot of south across parts of south dakota. it is still coming down. elsewhere in the state, trees layered in in a thick layer of ice, crushing down power lines and two dozen tornadoes reported in colorado. the winds so powerful they torah part a harley-davidson dealership in pueblo. quite a different side on
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the other side of the country. people hit the outdoors soaking up the sun and others broke open the tank tops. new york city got up to 82, just shy of a record. >> loving thatment >> you were out in central park. >> i was. i loved every second of it. >> me too. time now for the weather across the nation. another warm day here in the northeast. late day showers and thunderstorms around new york, d.c., philly, pittsburgh and cleveland. severe storms from dallas all the way to st. louis. and as we mentioned, even more snow in the dakotas. rain and mountain snow in the pacific northwest. 50s in seattle and salt lake city, mostly 40s in the middle of the country, 80s from new orleans to new york. and coming up, why big banks are sending billions back to home owners. also in business news, why this could be the best time in years to find a job. and last team standing. a basketball powerhouse taking home another title. highlights from the women's championship coming up.
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for a second time this month, investors send wall street to a new record level. the dow gained almost 60 points yesterday closing at 14,673. material stocks fueled the gains. the nasdaq also gained 15 finishing at 2,237. the s&p rose 5 points finishing near its record high set last week. they were victims of home foreclosure abuse and starting friday, $3.6 billion in checks will be mailed to millions of home owners. the checks range from $300 to 125 grand. the money is a result of a federal settlement between banking regulators and 13 companies that serviced home
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loans between 2009 and 2010. the largest number of borrowers will get $300. job openings across the u.s. are at their highest level since early 2008. the labor department says there were nearly 4 million vacancies in february. now, this comes after friday's disappointing jobs report showing employers added just 88,000 jobs last month. economists are pointing to a combination of skill mismatch and companies afraid of making a hiring mistake in an uncertain economy. a federal bankruptcy court judge has just given the okay for hostess to sell off the last of its major brands. the maker of little debbie snack cakes paying 27.5 million for devil dog, ring dings and drake's coffee cake. another bakery is picking up four bread companies. the total, about $860 million. in new york, more than $1 billion in artwork is being given to the metropolitan museum of art. giving the generous gift is leonard lauder, he is the heir to the estee lauder cosmetic
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fortune. now, the collection includes 78 paintings, drawings and sculptures including picasso and makes lauder only the 24th person ever to give a gift greater than $1 billion. >> that is staggering. when we come back, an update on our severe spring weather, brush fires where weeks ago there was snow. and in california, a chance of showers thanks to a friendly whale. stay with us. see life in the best light. outdoors, or in. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. visit your eyecare professional today to ask about our newest lenses, transitions vantage and transitions xtractive lenses. experience life well lit. ask which transitions adaptive lens is best for you.
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i love to golf. ♪ [ grunts ] yowza! that's why i eat belvita at breakfast. it's made with delicious ingredients and carefully baked to release steady energy that lasts... we are golfing now, buddy! [ grunts ] ...all morning long. i got it! for the win! uno mas! getting closer! belvita breakfast biscuits -- steady energy to do what i do all morning long. wind-driven fire that tore through a southern california neighborhood is now fully contained. flames broke out monday and spread quickly. it burned more than 170 acres. damaged two hopes and may have been sparked by a downed power line. crews had their hands full trying to put out a series of brush fires in northern new jersey. flames popped up all day thanks to near-record high temperatures.
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gusting wind and super dry conditions. right now for a look at the morning road conditions slick in the pacific northwest. snow-covered highways in the dakotas. slippery across the upper midwest. thunderstorms drenching roads from shreveport to dallas to indianapolis. if you're flying, airport delays are possible in minneapolis, chicago, kansas city, memphis, dallas and houston. now to the legal battle involving the nfl, a large group of former players and potentially billions of dollars. at issue what the league knew about head injuries and when. >> before a federal judge yesterday, the players claimed the lead withheld information about brain injuries. they want a jury to hear the case. but the league claims it should be settled through arbitration. a ruling isn't expected for months and will likely be appealed no matter what the outcome. a deadly helicopter crash being blamed on a pilot's fatal mistake. he was texting instead of doing his job apparently. the crash killed four people in missouri back in 2011. investigators say the pilot was texting instead of doing a preflight check and he also
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texted while flying. they are also issuing a safety alert to other pilots about the dangers of using electronic devices on the job. an airline pilot has now been charged in connection with an alcohol-related incident earlier this year. he was arrested in january. officers smelled alcohol on him as he prepared to fly from minneapolis to new york. he could spend up to three years in prison. his attorney says the charges were expected but points out the pilot never touched the controls. unfortunate first for the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus. one of their elephants has been injured by a drive-by shooting. carol has been with the circus her whole life and will be out of work for a few weeks while she recovers. if the gunman is caught he or she will likely be going to jail. a much different human encounter with a mammal off the coast of california. a group of whale watchers got a taste of seawater after a humpback sprayed their boat. the rare encounter lasted about
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45 minutes but, of course, the memory will last a lifetime. >> must have been pretty cool. sports we go at the masters, the traditional par 3 tournament today. basketball high much lights. welcome in to your "sportscenter" update, i'm dario melendez. it was ladies night tuesday in new orleans. uconn taking on louisville for the national title. the cardinals opened on this cinderella story. first half, kaleena mosqueda-lewis knocks down the three ball. uconn up big at the half and kept things rolling in the second. klm going to knock down another three ball. she had 18. then under three minute minutes. breanna stuart had a game high 23 as uconn wins it 93-60. eighth national championship. to the nba. the streaking knicks enter the 12th straight taking on the wizards and let's just say the knicks were feeling it from
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behind the arc in this one. first quarter, chris copeland, his three points. he had 17 off the bench. knicks 9 of 12 from behind the arc in the first quarter. john wall doing everything he can. 3 but wouldn't be enough. anthony, 42 points with that four-game span and knocked down the three and finger rule. 21 in the third points and finished with 36 but the knicks had a franchise record with 23 pointers as steve novak going to knock down a triple and the knicks win it, 120-99 winning 13 straight. but more importantly clenching the atlantic division title for the first time since the '93/'94 season. that's your "sportscenter" update, i'm dario melendez. have a great day. all right. up next on "the pulse"," lindsa lohan in the hot seat. the late night interview not what she expected. how this happened to her front bumper a car owner asking. [ male announcer ] when you're at the corner of "multivitamin"
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brew a better day. ♪ you know the dock of the bay wasting time ♪ >> sing it, baby. justin timberlake performing at the white house, a celebration of memphis soul as the first family enjoyed mafs staples, booker t. jones, steve cropper and many others. catch it later on pbs. >> i didn't know he was a memphis, tennessee, nasif. in his blood. lindsay lohan notorious for being late but one appointment she not only kept but showed up early for was a sit-down with
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david letterman. >> it was no day at the park. he peppered her with several tough questions most of which she managed to dodge. >> how long will you be in rehab? >> three months. >> how many times have you been in rehab? >> several. >> and what -- how will this time be different? what are they rehabbing? first of all, what is on their list? what are they going to work on when you walk through the door? >> we didn't discuss this in the preinterview. >> no. do you have addiction problems? >> now you sound like dr. phil. >> yeah, i'm sorry. >> is it like alcohol? do you drink too much? >> we've discussed this in the past. >> we did really. i'm the one having the blackouts. >> whoa! man, oh, man. >> in a serious moment lohan did say she considers her upcoming rehab a blessing and not a curse. >> see her body language. >> she was so annoyed.
4:21 am
you could just tell. >> thinking i came on your show and this is what we're talking about. what else are you supposed to talk about with lindsay lohan. >> they must have told her they were going to discuss something else for her to go back on. a crazy story. ipad meets bumper. >> here it is, an ipad perfectly lodged in the bumper of a woman's car. she didn't even notice it when if happened. it flew off the roof of another car and landed there after the driver had forgotten about it. >> remarkably when the ipad was removed it still worked pretty well, enough to display the owner's name and number so it's been returned. >> crazy story. >> it is. people taking a break at a california coffee shot got the scare of a lifetime. only to have the chair come alive. >> check it out. that is the work of magician and prankster rich ferguson who
4:22 am
dreamed up strange tricks. we're sure this won't be the last we'll see of him. that would scare the pants off you. wouldn't it? >> i could watch this all day. >> ha, ha, ha. there's that. >> oh, my! >> i don't think you could not scream no matter who you are. >> you wouldn't see that coming. all right. for some of you your local news is next. >> for everyone else another star dumped from the dance floor. auto-bliss.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good wednesday morning. it is 4:00 -- 4:28. >> the only gusts that are prevalent are at sfo and oakland at 15 and 14 miles per hour.
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five in novato. six in fairfield. everyone else is calm. what you will find is a lot of microclimates. on the way to work i started in the mid-40's and got to the mid-60's and then back to the mid-50's in san francisco. very mild this morning but all over the place. 71 to 82 around the bay today. mid-to-upper 60's at the coast. throw mid-80's inland. pretty nice forecast. we will find out if the commute is the same. leyla gulen? >> we have a report of a fatality in the santa cruz mountains along bear creek road near highway 35. it is not affecting traffic on highway 75 or 17. crews are out there, though. in the east bay we have a solo vehicle crash to northbound 880, not affecting traffic and the drive in the northbound direction is moving pretty well but a little slowing with spectator slowing.
4:27 am
and the san mateo bridge, you can see clear conditions but hazy. traffic is moving, just moving out there. >> thank you, we have developing news from the east bay where antioch police are looking for the motive behind a shoot that killed one and wounded two others. abc7 news is live in antioch. amy hollyfield? >> this is a quiet neighborhood. police have cleared the scene, look at this quiet street. you would never guess three people were shot last night. police got the call before 11:00. inside the home here in antioch they found three people shot. two were women. a mother and her adult daughter is in her 20's. they survived. they are in critical condition. a man found inside who had been shot was killed. neighbors say they cannot believe it. >> on my out my girlfriend and i
4:28 am
and i saw this and wondered, what is this? to hear about someone being, you know, shot, it devastates me. >> police have not said what they think happened. neighbors tell us the man who was killed is the ex-boyfriend of the daughter and she had a temporary restraining order against him. that is what neighbors have told us. the two women are in critical condition but survived the shooting. police at this point have not today us anything about arrests or suspects or motivation. we are waiting to get information from them. >> thank you. breaking news from washington. abc7 news has learned that senators is receive add deal to expand background check at gun shows affecting all commercial sales. the deal will be announced later this morning. gun show sales would have the
4:29 am
same background checks as retail stores with some exemptions for sales between family members and short-term loans between hunters. experts say if the deal holds it is expected to pass by a fairly wide margin in the senate. >> security is tight around the white house because of a suspicious vehicle spotted an hour and a half ago on the street along the northern edge of the white house grounds. this is the white house. streets in a two-block area are closed to traffic there is no word why the vehicle is considered suspicious. washington, dc police and the f.b.i. are helping the secret service. authorities are working to identify a burned body found on a freeway last night. the body was discovered in flames while putting out a brush fire on the on-ramp after 9:15. the victim may have been sloping at a homeless encampment. the cause of the fire is


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